About Sarah & Marty

Extremely passionate. Extremely Dedicated.

We love to eat, live and breath organic food! We are on an ever-evolving journey of learning, growing and striving towards health-full living! We are bursting to spread the word far and wide of the benefits to health, life and the environment of great food and sustainable products can do for us. (Did we mention passion!!)

Sarah & Marty, with two boys & a girl are excited to have recently purchased their first property of 5acres in Bass Coast in Victoria. Hoping to move out there in the new year, with great plans of learning to grow their own food and set up sustainable systems. Sarah & Marty have a strong desire to live more life outdoors and treat their house as more of a shelter than a place to spend a lot of time in. Camping explorations in the beautiful bushland of Victoria is a favourite hobby, having much pride in their three children learning to sleep in their own swags in the great outdoors! Enjoying real food is a passion for this family, freshly and lovingly prepared morning, noon, and night often with help from the kids!

We are a constant work in progress!

Marty, when he's not preparing those nourishing meals (was a chef in the past) loves to get out dirt bike riding, and is keen to teach the kids, but so far it’s the toddler, Miss A who's shown the most interest! Marty is a very gifted communicator and runs his own successful antenna technician and cabling business MAV.TV. He genuinely enjoys meeting people wherever they are at in their own journeys.

Sarah is busy being an awesome mummy, partner, businesswoman & student. A passionate learner always seeking for herself and her family to THRIVE and not just survive. Sarah wishes to also be able to teach and shares what she learns in this journey.

"Appreciating and valuing yourself enables you to value others and the world around you! I'll keep reminding myself to live with passion and laughter, I hope you can too." xx

Sarah, Amelie, Jonah, Eli & Marty